Waste Management Information

Although we are pretty much a virtual restaurant, we still are aware about the problem of waste. With that being said, we’d like to share this bit of info with our readers.

We should be concerned enough to know that poor waste management will result to generation of toxic by-products that have serious implications on human race and the environment. These by-products come in various forms and we can breathe or drink them subconsciously.

The problem with waste management is a global reality. Lesser amount of garbage collected annually were reused or recycled despite worldwide campaigns and advocacies. Hence, we should revisit waste management methods and how effective they are. That is why local waste management companies are vital to keep the community cleaner.
What’s the Problem?

Despite the industrial and technological advancements, we are still facing the biggest problem which is waste generation. Some common reasons include our lack of discipline, concern and cooperation. Most of us are still not practicing solid waste classification. Likewise, waste management programs tend to incur huge costs in terms of transportation.

While it is ideal that landfill sites should be closed to people to lessen such economic and environmental costs, issues like real estate cost hampers effective waste programs, regulations, practices and laws. Moreover, waste bins and waste storage facilities were mostly in poor condition.

Waste mixing is a serious issue as well. People tend to mix hazardous waste with non-hazardous materials or waste oils. This improper segregation of waste streams causes additional disposal costs.


Perhaps, you have heard the word 3Rs which refers to the program Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Individuals, companies, organizations, schools and manufacturers all over the world are somewhat familiar or implementing this program.

Prevention is better than cure they say thus, reducing the initial consumption products will reduce the amount of waste we will generate. We can do it by avoiding packaging and make used of reusable items. It also promotes the use of repairable, refillable and rechargeable things instead of disposable items. Likewise, recycling is ideal to reprocess used and old stuff.

Recognize the Value of Waste Materials

Somehow, we are fortunate that humans nowadays are recognizing the value of every material they are using and throwing in the waste. This paves the way to the creation of C2C or Cradle to Cradle design also called a regenerative design.

This holistic framework aims to create systems that are waste-free and systematic that is applicable to various aspects of human civilization. Basically, it aims to produce products with components that can be used many times. The design is an efficient way to make us see how we are going to use the things that we purchase.

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